Best solutions for developers
Sketchode - graphical representation of a design project created in Sketch that helps you to optimize mobile and desktop applications development. This multicomponent application provides quick access to the elements of a design project and navigation within it, thus arming developers with a simple and intuitive means of working with design layouts.
Fonts, Colors, Opacity
Opacity Select a design element in the main area to view its font name, color, and opacity in the info panel.
Elements size and position
Select a design element to check its thumbnail in the Preview. The info panel shows the size and location of the selected element.
Shadows, visibility, image resolution
Use a navigation bar to hide elements or disable their shadows. Any single element or group of elements can be exported with a specific set of resolutions and suffixes in just one operation.
Make My App 2 — Mockup Tools for Developers
Make My App 2 - is a perfect way to visualize your ideas for your own Apps. Create a graphical layout of an app to see, what should be done to make it real.
Mockup packs for different devices are available: